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Collaborative Decision Making

Saab’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) and Efficiency solutions keep airports running effectively by bringing together all stakeholders. The Aerobahn CDM Suite contains tools to maximize performance at every stage of flight in order to reduce delays, costs, and environmental impact.

Power Your Decisions

Improve schedule efficiencies and blocktime planning to maximize runway, taxiway, and gate utilization
Decrease delays and heighten performance while using forecasts to shape future operational events
Reduce emissions and noise environmental impacts while increasing fuel savings

Aerobahn helps airports run. Better. 

The Aerobahn Product Suite helps airlines, airport operators, and ANSPs manage surface operations more efficiently and it forms the basis for a Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) implementation at airports.  Aerobahn provides a set of shared situational awareness and decision support tools that enable more informed and proactive decision making which helps reduce delays, costs, environmental impact, and ultimately improves safety.



Aerobahn helps airlines to better manage their resources including aircraft, gates, fuel, passengers, baggage, customer experience, ground service equipment, crew, people, and processes.


For Airports, Aerobahn allows for enhanced utilization of resources such as gates, hangars, de-icing pads, and more.  Enabling multiple individuals and organizations to communicate and collaborate on decisions


The benefit of a non-movement area surface display system allows ATC personnel to have improved insight into surface operations when providing the information needed to make decisions regarding flights and increased insight into the impact that current surface conditions will have on traffic management initiatives.


Total Airport Management Solutions

Saab offers complimentary products such as MLAT systems, vehicle tracking, and digital tower solutions, all of which integrate with Aerobahn to add even more value in meeting your needs.

  • There are more than 40 Aerobahn customers across the world with over 5 million usage hours and climbing
  • Customers have seen a 21% improvement in performance along with a 55% reduction in delays
  • Aerobahn exceeds 99.99% uptime for software availability

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