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With a sustained capacity for handling multiple targets simultaneously, weapon locating system Arthur is a powerful asset when deployed close to the forward line of own troops.

Key features

Superior mobility and extensive customer choice of vehicle
Designed for automation, low or no need for personnel
Survivability – Deploy and re-deploy in less than 2 minutes

Counter-battery for freedom of manoeuvre

Arthur is a lightweight, highly mobile weapon locating system (WLS), tactically deployed close to the forward line of own troops. It is made to give the commander freedom of manoeuvre and enables quick counter-fire, making the threat the target, in no time.

In the battlefield it rapidly detect and track artillery projectiles and calculate points of origin for counter battery and generate points of impact to the intelligence community. The mobility, operational range and high accuracy makes it uniquely suited for all types of Counter Battery Operations.

High reliability and maintainability

Arthur is in currently operational in twelve countries, among them Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Greece and the UK. The system is battle-proven used by the British forces in the second Gulf War in 2003 and served with British as well as other forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, where it was used in 24/7 combat operations.

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One high-mobility vehicle

Arthur is designed with unique mobility and ease of operation in mind. The entire system may be integrated into any fighting vehicle large enough to carry the 3 m antenna. Thus, there is no need for a specific vehicle in the fleet due to the radars’ a very low logistic footprint.


Superior system survivability

Arthur will itself be a high-priority target. Survival limits the useful operating time for any radar sensor at any single deployment site to less than 5 minutes, based on the latest conflicts. Deploying in less than two minutes maximises the useful operating time at a given location without jeopardising system survival.


Did you know...

... that Arthur is sold to 13 countries and is the most used weapon locating radar in the NATO community.

  • It has low infrared (IR) and electronic warfare (EW) signatures, deployed right it is very hard to detect and hit with thermal or radar-seeking weapons.
  • Should the antenna be partially hit by small-arms fire or shrapnel, remaining waveguides will stay functional and offer true graceful functional degradation.
Arthurs recorded inherent availability is more than 99.9%.

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